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We invite you to call Dr. Dunn's office and speak with the research coordinator who will be happy to answer your questions and enroll you as a patient. There are several exclusions which will be explained to you. In some cases a surgical procedure may be necessary to remove torn or irritating tissue from your knee joint to help you qualify. Evaluation requires consultation by Dr. Dunn, Blood Tests, MRI's, and X-Rays. There is a fee of $100.00 for the pre-treatment evaluation.


All tests done in patient's hometown on Dr. Dunn's prescription.
Results to be faxed to our office for Dr. Dunn to review. Dr Dunn will not review test results until our office receives them all.

  1. Lab Work
  2. MRI of joint to be treated
  3. Mammogram (for women only)
  4. Any available operative reports on the joint to be treated


Dr. Dunn reviews all test results and determines patient's candidacy. After dr. dunn approves the candidate the patient is given a prescription for crutches or a walker OR a prescription for a special brace if necessary. The crutches and/or walker are used in order for the patient to be non-weight bearing throughout the entire course of treatment.
Crutches, walker or brace can be provided by your insurance company. The brace is measured and constructed by a brace maker (Orthotist). All of the above to be brought to Dr. Dunn's office at time of treatment.

IN MANY cases an arthroscopic out-patient surgical procedure may be necessary to remove torn or avascular tissue from your damaged knee joint.


Insurance will be verified prior to any office visit for coverage of office visits and x-rays ONLY. If Dr. Dunn is not a provider for your insurance or if no insurance, charges are as follows: First office visit: $160.00
Follow-up office visits: $85.00
X-Rays (this is an estimate only and may not be required at every visit): cost up to $120.00
IAGH injections COST $450.00 per injection (6 to 12 injections may be needed. Double dose injections for the hip cost $780.00 for each hip injection. No insurance plan will cover the cost of the iagh injections.


CALL OUT OFFICE TO Make appointments for Consultation,treatment and surgery. Injections are usually given one week apart. In certain case injections can be given twice a week or every other week. Ask the research co-ordinator about the frequency of injections.


The following tests are necessary to evaluate your health prior to enrollment in the IAGH program:
  1. Blood tests to determine the health of your organs and your hormone levels.
  2. X-rays and MRI of the joint to be treated. For the hip a 3-dimensional C-T scan may be needed.
  3. Mammogram (for women only).
Operative reports of previous surgeries on the joint to be treated must be sent to dr. dunn. If you have chronic or serious illness a letter from your doctor indicating that you can safely receive growth hormone injections is needed.


Your insurance will be verified prior to your office visit to determine coverage for office visits, blood tests, X-Rays MRI's, and C-T scans. IAGH Injections are not covered by any insurance.

SURGERY: When your arthritis is advanced and there is bone on bone, arthroscopic surgery with abrasion is necessary. This surgery is needed to remove the marble-hard eburnated bone from the surface of your joint to expose the underlying vessels which are the targets of growth hormone activity. Other conditions requiring arthroscopic surgery with abrasion are avascular necrosis in the femoral condyle in your knee and avascular necrosis of the body of the talus in your ankle. The decision to have surgery depends on the findings of your examination and tests. The cost of surgery will be fully discussed prior to the commencement of treatment. Some arthritic joints do not require surgery prior to treatment.

INJECTIONS: The number of injections is variable and depends on several factors: for instance, the size of the joint and the age of the patient. Injections are usually given every week or every 2 weeks. Rarely certain joints might require only 3 injections. The average patient requires 6 to 12 injections. Some joints are resistant to treatment and require more than 12 injections. Hip joints may require double doses. Rarely a large joint resistant to treatment might even require triple doses. Injections and office charges are to be paid for at the time of each visit.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Additional fees will apply to very complicated cases such as patients with multiple previous surgeries, deformities and prior complications such as infections. The amount of additional charges, if any, will be decided by Dr. Dunn after he reviews your case. These will be explained to you.

IAGH TREATMENT REQUIREMENTS: Good results require your careful attention to the many details of the IAGH program. Dr. Dunn will go to great lengths to help you achieve a successful result and he expects your total cooperation in return.

Please read this website several times to acquaint yourself with the program. Don't hesitate to call our office to answer your questions.

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